Sawyer Howitt is a racquetball player. He is based in Portland, Oregon. He is among the top players in his age group. Howitt has recently performed well against his opponents. Howitt is the son of the founder of the Meriwether Group. He has not let his father’s shadow bear down on him.

Howitt is considered as one of the rising stars in the sport. He has a promising talent. Howitt currently plays as a member of the Racquet Club in Portland. He will become a regular on the USA Racquetball team soon. Sawyer Howitt is also an entrepreneur. He has started several successful businesses. Howitt was first spotted while he was in high school. His light has risen ever since. He was able to advance to the state playoffs while he was still a student. Howitt won a couple of matches at the competition and stood out among the others.


Howitt will become the face of the sport in a short period if he keeps up with his current form. His unique style of play and the ease with which he handles the ball makes him a great a player. He has massive experience and skills in the game. He is a talented fellow. He is very entertaining to watch. Countless videos of him playing are shared online. Sawyer Howitt is only seventeen years old. He has a long career ahead of him. People say that the sky is the limit. Sawyer Howitt might already be there.