Relevancy Group conducted a study that showed adding a video in e-mail marketing campaigns was capable of increasing revenues from email marketing by 40 percent. With the growth of internet and shrinkage of the attention spans, video marketing comes out as the proven method one can effectively engage audiences.

An email with a video attached is capable of increasing open rates by up to 20 percent and the click-through rates by up to 3 times. To put it in simple terms, a video provides a lot of time efficiency compared to text, and it is also capable of providing an instant gratification. Through video, a firm is also able to express the personality of its brand in a more effective manner.

Talk Fusion is one of the pioneers of this video revolution. It ranks at 8th position among the leading online video content providers globally. The firm was founded by Bob Reina in 2007. This was after he wanted to attach a short clip to an email, but was discouraged by America Online. Reina consulted his IT-savvy friend who together they came up and perfected ways to attach videos in emails.

Talk Fusion has made the use of their platform to be way easier. Often, newbies in video-marketing find the entire process of attaching videos in emails to be hectic, but with Talk Fusion you will find it much simplified. This is because they provide more than a thousand ready-to-go templates to meet any imaginable situation and occasion. Users also are in a position to come up with customized templates once they are familiar with how to get around.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, Founder and CEO. It introduced Instant Pay Compensation Plan, which was the first of its kind in the world. The firm adheres to high ethical business practices. Talk Fusion is part of the esteemed Direct Selling Association. The CEO firmly believes that great success comes with great responsibility, hence Talk Fusion contributes greatly in philanthropic works.

Talk Fusion, being a global pioneer in the video marketing solutions, is highly dedicated to see the growth of business and transform lives through proprietary video technology. The innovative products of the company are marketed individual-to-individual using independent associates in over 140 countries.