Charles Koch, a business owner in Wichita, Kansas has wrote a book titled, “Good Profit” which outlines how he become profitable in his business. He states that his success came from his beliefs in how to run a business. In order to let others into his world, he decided to not only write a book but to promote the book as well. He went to promoting the new book like he has never once promoted anything before.

Charles Koch spoke to the Wichita Business Journal on his experience about helping people. He spoke about the impact it has on his life and how he feels when helping people. Since he owns and operates one of the largest businesses, he decided that he wanted to also write a book that would help others to be successful by using his business management in philosophy and the underlying principles that he uses inside of his own company. He knows that the work he is doing is fundamental and is well worth the various risks he is taking in his business ventures.

Critics are always hard on people and usually are always looking for a flaw in something. With Charles Koch, they are asking him why he is doing what he is doing and what exactly is it that he is trying to do. He answered them with the best solution that he has. He does what he does because he gets pure enjoyment from helping people and therefore it makes sense to him that he would spend his time outside of his company helping people to become better business men and women.

When the journal asked him why he wanted to write a book, he spent time contemplating how he would answer that question. He took a moment to explain that he truly wanted to help people and that by writing a book, he is able to do that. He is able to concentrate on something other than simply running a business and finds it to be quite therapeutic to spend time on something other than work.

Charles Koch was born into a family where he is one of four children. He has four brothers and was born in Wichita, Kansas. He has been the director of the Koch Industries since 1982. He has multiple other businesses that he is involved in such as Georgia Pacific, Invista and has a number of organizations that he is a member of.