If you are like most Americans, you’ve probably witnessed the political uprising of the Brazilian people due to rising government costs on top of already low wages. This event quickly changed the way that the Brazilian people view themselves while experiencing a quick evolution towards heavy cultural diversification. With such a quick evolution on the part of Brazilian natives, there are drastic changes in social attitudes that have ultimately affected how and where Brazilians gather their information.

Cable TV is huge in Brazil. Brazil, like China and Russia is known as a developing country. Although Brazil is known as a country that is plagued by poverty, it is also one that possesses a profound thirst for knowledge and is shaping up to be a South American superpower. Paid TV or cable TV, as it is known in the states is a very important medium for Brazilian people to gather their world perspective and consume information, so if I were to advertise on television to a Brazilian audience, it is very likely that they are going to be more receptive the information that I display better than if I placed the same information into a magazine.

Another huge factor to weigh in when you are marketing to the Brazilian demographic is the huge difference in the way that Brazilian people spend their free time. Videogames play a vital role in Brazilian society as a means of leisure activity. Imagine this, I have a special level in one of my videogames that directly promotes one of Brazil’s favorite luxury brands. By having a product or service advertised in a videogame, people are more likely to be influenced by that advertisement and are more likely to purchase and consume that item on display because it was promoted in that medium. Any time I want to gain the attention of the Brazilian people, I would have to wrap my product or service I’m advertising in the shroud of a popular videogame, like so many other savvy advertisers have done in Brazil over the last 10 years.

Cláudio Loureiro is one of the most important and influential marketers in Brazil. Having done such a great deal of traveling, he has had a chance to experience culture in a way that very few marketers have as he has traveled throughout Paris, London, New York as well as other cultural hubs. He uses his extensive experience as a world traveler to texture his advertising efforts.

He is extremely famous for his depictions of street and theater culture. His advertising agency Heads Propaganda is one of the most elite in Brazil and firm has definitely made waves all around the world.

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