There is a stereotype that goes round regarding people of Jewish origin and the fact that they are not good in basketball. Well, this is a stereotype that one Yanni Hufnagel has managed to beat despite all odds being stacked against him. Yanni was a college lacrosse team member; he was dropped from the team before he could get a chance to play professionally. To make matters even worse, there is the fact that he comes from Scarsdale. However, the young man has somehow managed to rise to the position of assistant coach at Harvard, a position that could be the stepping stone for him to achieve bigger and better things.

Yanni has become quite the sensation in the world of basketball, especially after the four seasons that the team has won the Ivy League tournament. What is rare about Yanni is the fact that it is close to impossible to find a Jewish player making it to the NBA. In their ranks, 30 division one coaches are part of their ranks. There is a sports survey that had been carried out by CBS in 2011 which showed that Yanni was the people’s favorite to make it huge in the world of coaching basketball. He is made even greater by the fact that he is an excellent recruiter. There was a time that Pastner admitted that Yanni will make a better coach in the long run because he is excellent at recruitment.

The one thing that guided him towards the path of being a great assistant was the skill with which he analyses the game. This made even people who have been in it longer than himself declare that he had a special level of talent. There are many other experiences that he has had and which have led him to the current position and he is going even further.