It has recently been reported on Screenrant that Hugh Jackman will be reprising his role as Wolverine. However, Jackman has stated that this was his last time portraying the legendary comic book hero. Hugh Jackman has appeared in eight different movies as Wolverine, and it seems that the actor has had enough. It is a bit sad to see him go though, because he was the best Wolverine ever.

Rumors have stated that there will be one more X-men film, and that there will be one more Wolverine film. Hugh Jackman is expected to act in both films. However, I’m wondering what will happen to the X-Men and Wolverine film franchises. Will someone else fill the void that Hugh Jackman leaves once he’s gone? Or maybe the X-Men and Wolverine film series will finally be retired.

Fans at Handy know that there are also rumors that a Gambit film starring Channing Tatum will be released in the next few years. This is a sign that new and young actors will be reprising the iconic roles of the classic comic book heroes. The film industry has made billions of dollars from action films based that were based on comic book series. However, actors such as Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale we’re extremely important to the success of the comic book crossover film.

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