IAP Worldwide traces its roots back to the very early days of rocket launching and maintenance of the world’s most important spaceport in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The company has evolved over the decades and has been growing in size and scope. IAP recently acquired G3 Systems Ltd., a British engineering firm serving the United Kingdom and overseas. G3 Like IAP provides its governmental clients and commercial clients with an array of facilities, and services from modular systems to more permanent infrastructure and allied support services.

G3 has the vast capability to design, and to deliver, to operate and maintain equipment and ground-based facilities anywhere in the world. The companies both understand how to operate in remote locations and have the experience to handle harsh environments and challenging locations.

With this newest acquisition IAP stands ready and able to increase its already significant presence in logistics holding contracts valued at more than $370 million. They have more than 2,000 employees ready to handle any disaster or military situation in the more than 60 countries they operate inside.

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These logistics companies must be ready to provide services and materials to any destination that they serve on a moment’s notice. The United States Navy is a good example of a logistics company. On an aircraft carrier, there are planes, fuel, and armaments along with the necessary medical supplies and services to maintain the health of an operating force of 3,000 men. Food is stored, cooked and served onboard and each sailor has his own quarters depending on his rank. Compare this to an artillery force which must engage the enemy and take control of territory as they advance the necessary supplies and facilities; the logistics must follow closely behind.

One of IAP Worldwide’s duties was to supply and operate mobile generators during the American military effort into Saudi Arabia. Here a new obstacle, temperatures over 100 degrees confronted a fighting force and only with the efforts of logistics, and in this case, IAP, could the soldiers muster the strength to continue the struggle against a fighting force more accustomed to these extreme temperatures.

IAP Worldwide continues to grow in size and scale and helps our fighting forces combat injustices around the globe.

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