For anyone interested in dancing to Beyonce music for 24 hours, then now is the time. MTV is going to host the very first and longest in history dance party to Beyonce, that will go on from 11 pm ET on Monday to 11 pm ET on Tuesday from March 9th to 10th.

This is going to be an attempt to break the record of longest dance relay, and the dancers are going to have to be very athletic in order for them to last that long. There will be breaks and nap times surely for some people to rest, but the event will go on for a whole day.

Flavio Pentaga Guimaraes BMG ( knows that the show will be broadcast the whole dance show on a video embed that will be posted on their website. The songs playing will be of none other than Beyonce, and everyone knows that Beyonce songs are favored among girls who like to dance. Dancers in general train to her music, and to some dancers it will be just like any other day at practice, except this will probably be shown to the whole world.

Perfect time for any dancers trying to break out of the shadow and into the spot light of dancing in music videos to try and impress the right people. All the best dance choreographers will be watching the longest ever dance relay, because who would want to miss that.

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