Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Brazil. Today, the retired banker mainly golfs and invests, part-time, in stocks. Today he is associated with Bainbridge Group.

Career in the Banking Sector

Cornelsen has worked in the banking industry for most of his professional career. This has made him a guru in the Brazilian banking sector and is well versed in how the industry works. His professional conduct, knowledge and experience has made him a respected authority. He has held various management positions in some of the largest banks in the Brazilian economy. At the height of his career, Cornelsen was in charge of managing a huge chunk of the Brazilian gross economy. His many years at the helm of the financial sector allowed him to learn how to trade in company stock.

Retirement and Involvement with Bainbridge Group

Upon his retirement from active employment, Cornelsen settled in South Florida, USA. He took up golfing in his free time and has since played in many premier golf courses in the world. This hobby currently takes most of his free time. He offers consultation services at a fee on stock market investment practices as well as offering advice in the banking sector. This shows the invaluable experience and knowledge earned throughout his illustrious career.

At Bainbridge Group, Cornelsen is involved in investing in stock markets as well as foreign exchange and commodity investment. He uses his skills and expertise in finding potential stock to invest in that will result in profitable cash flows later. He works with the investment on a part time basis.

Key Investment Pointers from Igor Cornelsen

Cornelsen believes that true profitable investments lie in the long term. This means that to earn big returns one must be willing and able to make long term investments. He points out that investing in stocks should not be likened to playing the lottery nor used to earn quick returns. In addition, investors need to learn how to make many smaller investments. This allows one to diversify his or her portfolio and hence spreading their risk altogether.

Cornelsen has been an advocate of identifying and investing in damaged stock. However, he warns that one should be keen to identify between damaged stock and damaged companies. Damaged stock is usually underprized with a huge potential for growth and improvement. Therefore, it makes a good investment. Stock from damaged companies will generally fall.

He advices foreign investors on newsvine.com looking to penetrate the Brazilian economy to consider issues like foreign currency restrictions and red tape policies. These have a huge influence on operations. Additionally, foreign investors are advised to also consider Brazil’s investment partners like China. The Asian nation has a big influence on the economy of Brazil in that their fates are almost intertwined. A slow Chinese economy will cause a negative effect on Brazil’s raw materials and products.