Artiphon’s Kickstarter for their Instrument 1 has gone beyond their goal within hours of going online.

But why? What is the Instrument 1?

The instrument 1 is a controller that aims to be comfortable for new and professional players alike. It is shaped much like a guitar controller but is made to work with many instruments from pianos to violins to any other virtual instrument that can run in an app or on a computer.

The way Brad Reifler sees it, any instrument you can find in an app or on the computer can be at your fingertips. Artiphon points out it’s plug-and-play ability, ergonomic design, and the many ways it can be customized. You don’t even have to strum it if you don’t want to. A person can just happily play by pressing the keys on the instrument.

There are some differing opinions on the Instrument 1. It is MIDI compatible and plugs in by USB or Lightning plug. Some people are disappointed that it does not use the DIN MIDI plug, but others are happy that is uses the more common USB plug. There are also concerns about how easily it will work with all kinds of instruments, but there are many people that believe it will work just fine for them.

Since the project has already been backed on Kickstarter, people are looking forward to the moment when the Instrument 1 is released and everyone can start trying out the new controller for themselves. This could be a controller that will introduce a new generation to the joys of making music.

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