The Germanwings plane that crashed in the Alps appears to have been intentionally crashed. Investigators have found the recorders, and the information on these reorders is chilling. There are about 30 minutes that officials have been able to work through that gives them enough to determine that the co-pilot took the plane down with intent. There was a conversation between the pilot and the co-pilot shortly after the plane took off. The co-pilot could have been gaining the trust of the pilot, but why would he have locked him out of the cockpit instead of killing him? From sounds that took place, it appears as though the pilot left the cockpit to use the bathroom, but when he tried to get back inside, the door was locked. The co-pilot was alone in the cockpit. He had the ability and knowledge to make the plane descend at an alarming rate. This man wanted to die. He could have killed himself while on the plane instead of letting the other people on the plane die with him. The co-pilot didn’t even alert the tower to let anyone know what was taking place. Folks at Imaging Advantage ( can agree that the only fortunate thing about this crash was that the people on board likely didn’t feel anything when the plane crashed.

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