The hedge fund industry is certainly not the domain of the tentative and hesitant investor. To succeed you need extensive knowledge of the economy on a global basis. You must have extraordinary insight related to financial policies, trading regulations and how to extract the maximum investment return. In addition to these skills an investor needs to understand the economic mechanics involved in world markets.

Now one of the world’s foremost experts on money matters, Ben Bernanke, is assuming a part-time position with Citadel LLC. The hedge fund management team extraordinaire will take things to the next level with the addition of Bernake to their rank and file. Although the former Federal Reserve chairman is only signing up for a part-time position his counsel and assistance are sure to provide invaluable advice regarding those future investment opportunities.

With available capital that is now said to exceed 26 billion dollars paying a mere million to attract a legend such as Bernanke was not only affordable, it was a “no-brainer” move for Citadel LLC. At this time the hedge fund behemoth is ranked as the 13th largest management team. This proves that Kenneth Griffin‘s leadership has been a positive driving force for the company that he first began to envision during his years as a Harvard student.

So far the only serious challenge to the firm’s power occurred during 2008. This was when the market upheavals and trading uncertainty resulted in substantial losses for the hedge fund leaders. Many other trading and investment companies were unable to sustain the financial setbacks and collapsed. Griffin never thought to abandon ship or close the doors. He rallied his team, created effective new trade strategies and was able to stabilize Citadel’s financial base.

Over the next 8 years Griffin continued to find ways to generate high returns for the firm’s clients. The company has now enjoyed a succession of years with double-digit returns that have pleased both clients and employees.

There is now an estimated $26 billion in capital for the hedge fund team to invest, trade and distribute. This marks an increase of almost 200% from the investment funds that the company reported in the first quarter of 2012. These recent figures have clearly demonstrated the financial strength of Citadel as well as the ability of Ken C. Griffin to weather even the most taxing economic challenges.

Today the Citadel LLC investment team is focusing on large business lines. Smaller quarry such as macroenomic stock trades and high-frequency trades have largely been swept to the side.

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