James Dondero is the owner of Highland capital investment, a company that has been making a significant influence on the world’s economy. This company offers financial investment solutions to other businesses and does investment consultations. Highland Capital filed its quarterly 13F and through it, it was able to establish that it has a total value of $3.45 billion. The quarterly 13F was filed recently in February 2016 and the net worth shown by the company represents a decrease from the previous fiscal year when the portfolio value was $4.91 billion. This, therefore, indicated a reduction of $1.49 billion which can be marked by a very big percentage. The filling took on board 27% of the total Highland Capital’s assets that have been listed to be within the US.

In the new quarter, Highland Capital under Capital under James Dondero has been able to make new acquisitions. These acquisitions come regarding other holdings bought or acquired by the company. Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc, DHR, and Intra-Cellular Therapies are among the top ten purchases made by Highland Capital Investment Company. These new holdings have increased the companies positions in the American stock market. The shares of the company are now selling at better prices than before. The holdings acquired have also been able to lift the company’s total net worth to a much higher position than it has been before. According to the filing, the company raised its stakes in the American Airls Group Inc by 60% to $204.25 million. Highland Capital further acquired stocks in other small companies.

James Dondero like all the other successful investment managers is using the strategy of building positions gradually. This aims at finally bringing the company’s total worth to a much higher position than it would have initially been. However, James Dondero has been recorded to have sold some stocks. The fund sold out stocks in Spdr Series Trust, McKesson Corp, Envision Healthcare Holdings and Laboratory Corp American Holdings. These sales constituted some percentage of the total portfolio. The reason for selling the shares is only to the company. Speculations can be made, but no one could bring out the most relevant reason for selling them.

The fund has also considered reducing its positions by slashing the shares it owns in many organizations. The company lifted its technology sector by 2%. None of these activities has challenged its top ten US listed stock positions.

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