James Dondero offers money to charity often, and he ensures that the money he gives makes the greatest impact in the Dallas area. This article explains how he has offered a challenge grant to The Family Place, and there are quite a few people who will see their lives change if they work with The Family Place. Someone who is in need of help after their family has fallen apart may come to this place, and James Dondero is helping finish their fundraising campaign.


#1: $1 Million To The Family Place


The Family Place is a location that many different people may use when they are running from a bad home or abusive relationship. The charity is building a number of different structures to accommodate more people, and they need to complete their massive funding project to build each structure.


#2: What Does James Do?


James is the CEO of Highland Capital Management, and he helps guide the company in all its investments. He is searching for the best new investments for everyone who needs them, and he wishes to expand his business as much as possible because he does not wish to leave out any quality investment. The investments that are made by the company have been made with the customer in-mind, and there are quite a few people who will see their dividends rise quite a lot because of what James has done.


#3: Supporting Dallas


James has lived in Dallas for some time, and he is creating a number of different opportunities for those who need jobs or support. He gives to charities that he believes in, and he is offering positions to all those who are interested in the financial industry.


The Highland Capital Management team helps people who are most in-need of help, and they are able to make changes due to what James Dondero has given. His $1 million challenge grant will change lives, and it will provide the money that is needed to build a place where someone may hide away after going through a terrible family situation or loss in the family.