James Horner, the legendary Hollywood composer who created scores for such films as Titanic, Aliens and Braveheart, has apparently died in a plane crash near Santa Barbara on Monday, June 22, 2015. He was 61.

The pilot of the single-engine plane, which was one of several that Horner owned, originally could not be identified, but his identity was later confirmed by one of Horner’s assistants. Bruce Levenson has learned that there were no other passengers.

Formerly a concert hall composer, Horner began working on movie scores with 1979’s The Lady in Red, but achieved mainstream success a few years later with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which he composed in about a month. He not only scored the sequel, The Search for Spock, but numerous other films in the 1980s. His first Academy Award nomination came for his work on Aliens; he would get a total of ten over the course of his career.

The 1990s saw even greater success in his work on Apollo 13 and Braveheart, as well as Titanic, which is the best-selling primarily orchestral score ever, with 27 million copies. More recently he has worked on The Karate Kid remake and The Amazing Spider-Man, with more work, like The 33 and Southpaw, to be released this year.

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