When it comes to being involved in a wide range of projects, Jason Hope is no exception. Whether it’s business related or philanthropic in nature, this guy just knows how to get things done. Jason Hope epitomizes the word progressive and he’s done many positive things during his professional career.

Technology has always been Hope’s first love. This strong passion has allowed him to become an important figure in technology development. With a remarkable educational background in business, Hope has parlayed his knowledge into big profits. He has a MBA as well as a Finance Degree in Degree from Arizona State University.

Technology has always been a fascination for Hope from a young age thanks to it’s ability to reach a much larger segment of people. This was his aspirations and soon it would be his reality. His ability to sell premium text messages is what put the ball in motion since mobile technology has become so huge over the past 16 years. The self founded Jawa Mobile Communications Company helped to make a name for him and from there it was all uphill. Biotechnology has always been an interest and hope has pledged up to half a million dollars to the SENS Research Foundation. The organization specializes in the treatments and finding cures for age related diseases.

Jason Hope also has strong ties to other non-profit organizations that specialize in disease cure and education. He’s deep rooted into helping others, which has given him the title of being a Philanthropist. Either way you look at it, Jason Hope has done his part when it comes to business and the ability to help others. Who knows what the future will hold, but with this guy on the scene, it’s outlook is much more promising.

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