Most businesses and individuals are tapped into the internet these days, and air carriers are making the most of this opportunity. Technology guru Jason Hope shared his perspective on how being connected to the internet is changing the world of commercial flying.

Perhaps one of the greatest perks is that flyers are experiencing increased convenience. Instead of waiting in long lines to check in at the airport, flyers can now check in on the web before ever stepping foot into an airport. Upon entry into the airport, flyers can quickly print boarding passes directly at a kiosk.

In the future, it is predicted that tracking devices will be used to keep close watch on the whereabouts of luggage. This technology, supported by the internet, will allow passengers to track their luggage at all times.

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Ultimately, the internet allows airlines to share information in real-time and not just with travelers. Data can also be shared with mechanics, so that if a plane needs servicing in any area, this information is automatically relayed to technicians on the ground.

Jason Hope has built his career in the technology and professional business realm. He began his journey by graduating with an MBA from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Today he supports high school and college students by offering grants that fund great ideas.

Hope has invested in programs like the SENS foundation, an organization involved in anti-aging and fighting deteriorating diseases like Alzheimers. Hope maintains a steady presence in the philanthropic world.