In the movie Unnatural Causes, a company did some research. They gave an African American and a white male the same resume except the white male had a felony on his record. Despite the felony, he was still hired more than the African American. Diversant, the largest minority owned IT firm in the United States is looking to change all of that for their industry. Being nationally certified as a minority owned business, this gives them the unique advantage of being able to use their knowledge in order to develop programs that are unique and empowering to the workforce and the community. Their core values include respect for others, disciplined teamwork, and professional development. The company recently won the supplier of the year award by the Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council. They have locations in ten different areas including Texas, California, and their headquarters in New Jersey.

A well-known Chairman of Diversant is John Goullet. Goullet went to school at Ursinus College in Philadelphia where he graduated in 1983. He started out as an IT consultant and in 1994 he created Info Technologies, a company that focused on staffing IT employees for Fortune 500 companies all throughout the United States. Seeing that the company could use an innovative focus, fifteen years after his company started, in February 2010, he merged with Diversant, LLC. and formed a company under the same name.

He focuses his energies in a way that is productive to both himself and his company, working at Diversant from eight am to six pm. He pays attention to the labor market in order to make sure the company is focused on bringing ideas to life. This was how he got his start almost twenty-four years ago when he realized there was a need for a company like his. He also notes that the feeling that the competitor is on his heels helps him to make the company one of the best in the nation.

Given Goullet’s hard work, Diversant and all of his other future endeavors are sure to be a win-win for everyone involved.