José Manuel Gonzalez is a favorite political figure in Venezuela. Although he has just recently come into the political picture, he has gathered significant reputation in his country. Due to his extensive entrepreneurial experience, he was once selected as the Director of the Venezuela Federation of the Chamber of Commerce.

Many consider Gonzalez’s fame in Venezuela to be related to his past successful short agriculture, and politics careers. He also previously served in the Guárico State National Assembly, elected by the Venezuelans. Internal disputes forced him to quit politics during his tenure as a National Assembly deputy. During his career as an agriculturist, he made successful products that elevated his reputation in Venezuela.

His political interest was rekindled by the need to change a weak Venezuela economy through agriculture. Gonzalez saw the need of the agricultural sector to benefit from the recent financial reforms in Venezuela. During his agricultural and industrial specialist career, he was inspired by the amount of waste culminated in the agricultural sector.

Despite serving in the Guárico State National Assembly, Jose Manuel Gonzalez has frequently been a critic of the Venezuelan politics. Gonzalez has readily criticized the unsteady Venezuelan government system. He claimed that the public had experienced enough of the selfish leaders. His opinion has been received with a huge praise from the public, who seem tired of individualistic political party division. He also blames the corruption filed election procedure, saying that it has denied Venezuela the chance for free and fair elections.

Gonzalez believes that the citizens of Venezuela are deprived the opportunity to become incredible leaders due to lack of major political parties’ regard. He believes that Venezuela will only achieve fair and balanced leadership once there is a change of the unfair election process.

Mr. Gonzalez believes several changes need to be done for the people of Venezuela to lead better lives, having hope in the government. He believes that government supported state agreement changes need to be prepared and that parliament should work efficiently in this crisis to restore peace. He also believes that the government needs to make an effort to spur economic growth in Venezuela.