Joseph Bismark is a great example of a businessman that truly walks the walk and talks the talk. He has a lot to say about spirituality and how to properly treat people, and more importantly he has incorporated both of these elements into his business. He co-founded QI Limited according to the blog Citizen Shame and has made it successful by promoting his spirituality in the workforce and giving back while at the same running a company. He serves as the director of the company and is working hard to help his 
employees and others live better lives.

He strongly believes that people need to help each other out and live healthier lives. In order to help this happen he is heavily involved in the RHYTHM foundation which is a special arm of the QI Group designed just to focus on the corporation’s social responsibility. He is not your typical philanthropist because he does more than just toss money at a problem; he shapes his entire business and management around preventing problems and lifting people up. He thinks that everyone has the potential to be extraordinary and he wants to see everyone he comes in contact with achieve this goal.

The Vedism religion founded in India is based on the belief that sacrifices will help bring abundance and good fortune. It is a very similar concept to the more recognized idea of karma, do good and good will come to you. Bismark believes this and from his time spent in the monastery to the time he takes out of his day to help others he is making sure things will come back to him. I think there is a lot we could learn from him because many people think that business only thrives if you are willing to play dirty, but Bismark has proved that you can be at the top of your game by bringing people up with you instead of knocking them down.

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