Keith Mann is the cofounder and the Managing Director of the Dynamic Search Partners. The company is a financial employment recruiting firm based in New York City, New York, U.S.A. Prior to his tenure at Dynamic Search Partners, Mr. Mann was the Manager of the “Alternative Investments Division” of the company Dynamic Associates (1995). His focus and dedication for his assignments saw Mr. Mann rise quickly within the company and resulted in him being named the senior VP of the company. In 2001, Dynamics Search Partners was founded to recruit specialized talent in the area of hedge funds and private equity firms.

Dynamic Search Partners has been acclaimed with placing over 2000 investment specialist with investment related firms. The company, as lead by Mr. Mann, was one of the first companies to recognize the advent of the investment banking industry and the industry’s need for employees specialized in investment banking. The field of investment banking has seen a rise in recent years and hedge funds and private equity firms have had a constituent need for employees who are ready to work on day one without extensive training. Dynamic Search Partners has established an extensive database of qualified employees based on previous employee placements and referrals. This has made the company one of the most sought after as a result of the company’s experience.

Mr. Mann has made it his priority to screen employee candidates. The result is a database of experienced employees with financial experience. Many of these individuals are highly sought and their placements have turned into long term positions with the firms that they are placed within.

Mr. Mann has instilled and requires a high sense of ethics within all of his employee candidates and he has taken the time to ensure that each employee candidate understands their expected responsibilities in their new position in the finance industry.

Mr. Mann’s life and career has been one of balance. He has shown extraordinary responsibility

Mr. Mann has engaged in a number of community activities, most recently, according to this article released by CBS8 News, Mann had lunch sent down to the 54th NYPD Precinct. His community efforts also include work with Uncommon Schools which teach youth skills to succeed in college. In addition to Mr. Mann’s volunteer work with the organization, Mr. Mann guided Dynamics Search Partners to a $10,000 donation to Uncommon Schools.

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