Numerous companies or sectors in the United States come together in support of various essential initiatives in the community. In most cases, the actions are geared towards aiding the less privileged individuals and families in society to access various basic amenities and services.

Synonymous with such efforts, the Dynamic Search Partners organized a fundraiser to benefit the Uncommon Schools. The occasion, which was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, ushered various guests such as the members of the financial service sector who came together in support of the initiative to raise an excess of $22000.

Since the Uncommon Schools were in the process of establishing another high school in Brooklyn New York, students were required to take the AP and PSAT Testing during the inaugural year. Subsequently, the funds raised would sponsor the students in such activities.

The DSP first initiated its close ties with the Brooklyn-based Charter Schools in 2013 with an objective of creating a useful avenue for DPS to help students in gaining practical and tactical skills. In its continuous efforts, the company offered $10000 to meet the testing requisites of the students. For more information, follow this link

Keith Mann, the CEO and Founder of DSP

Keith Mann boasts of an outstanding level of experience and expertise in the hiring strategy, staffing, and hedge fund compensation. Before becoming the Managing Director of Dynamics Executive Search, he created the Alternative Investment Practice as part of the Dynamics Executive Search in 2002 upon eyeing an opportunity in the hedge fund sector. He noticed that the executive search community did not adequately serve the hedge fund industry. Consequently, he undertook an expansion of the practice to venture into the private equity sector in 20016.This move was later followed by the creation of the Dynamic Search Partners in 2009.

The Dynamic Search Partners is wholly devoted to serving the alternative investment companies. Keith Mann serves as the company’s chief executive officer and is charged with the responsibility of overseeing all the operations of the enterprise. He aids clients in creating new platforms as well as hiring internal strategy, marketing and investment experts for their current teams. The company has established itself in abroad continents such as Asia and Europe.

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