The New York Police Department has faced criticism over the past few years, weathering discontent from the residents they protect. But they are not alone.

Keith Mann, the founder and managing director of the hedge fund Dynamics Search Partners, stands in solidarity with New York’s boys in blue. He and his wife, Keely Mann, provided lunch for the 54th precinct twice last year to show their public support for the department and their uniformed officers.

PRNewswire has reported that Mann has a personal connection to the New York Police Department — his wife’s uncle is currently a detective stationed on Staten Island. Together with his wife, the Mann family has stood firm in their support for the NYPD and all the good they do.

The gesture is not strange for Mann and his wife — he has voiced his support for New York’s policed department several times in recent years, as well as publicly discussed concerns he has over the recent spate of abuse and discontentment against the department. In an interview provided to PRNewswire, Mann reiterated his position that instead of fighting the police, citizens — himself included — should be supportive of them, making their job easier while they protect the city.

Keith Mann has been with Dynamics Search Partners since the founding of the firm in 2000. He is known for his adept skills at providing consultations for alternative investments. The company has been at the forefront of this field for the past decade, leading them to be named one of the top hedge-fund firms in the city.

Along with his work at Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann has teamed up with Uncommon Schools, a program that is geared towards low-income students who hope to attend, and finish, college. The program opened a new high school in Brooklyn last year, with Mann hosting a fundraiser to provide adequate funds for the new school.