A hedge fund manager, Ken Griffin has been a key personality in the alternative investment market. Griffin’s birthplace is Florida, Daytona Beach and was born in 1968. He acts as the CEO of Citadel, a company he founded. This company has transformed to a leading global entity that offers investments like hedge funds.

Citadel has been able to grow its investment capital to a whopping $25 billion thereby being touted as among the largest companies offering alternative investment in the global scene. Griffin has been recognized by Forbes to be one of the individuals who are the highest individual earning managers.

Griffin has been featured in the list of Forbes 400. He helped finance needy students at Harvard University by granting them a donation of $150 million. This was cited as the highest donation offered by an individual in that time. Griffin is a graduate of Harvard and wanted to see other students in the college get the opportunity to pursue their studies.

In 1996, Griffin went to Harvard and during that year, he started trading stock options. He was so obsessed with options trading that he did it in the room. When he entered the sophomore year, he set up a bond arbitrage fund. This is something that earned him a lot of money when the stock market dipped.

During his sophomore year, there was a crash of the stock market and Griffin capitalized on that market uncertainty to make a huge earnings. At the time of finishing his college studies, he was managing over $1 million, which was part of the investors’ money using the same trading approach.

Citadel, a company Griffin started in 1990 has become a world-class hedge fund and has accounts that clock about 1 percent of entire day’s trading activities in New York, London, and Tokyo. Citadel is located in Chicago. Frank C. Meyer helped finance Griffin with $1 million when he left college.

Griffin started Citadel with a base capital of $4.6 million. Within a few years, the company saw a huge growth and by 1998, it had hit the mark of $1 billion in form of investment capital, and its employees were more than 100. Griffin was listed as one of the influencing investors within the finance market by the CFO Magazine in 2002.

Griffin appeared in the panelist group at Milken Institute Global Conference. In this event, he talked about his company and how it has managed to see success in a market that can be at times volatile. Griffin said that he has developed a complex organization by seeking to nurture a performing team of employees.

The company has been awarded for offering a conducive work environment for its employees. In March 2015, it ranked in the Top 10 Great Workplaces where employees can work within the financial services. The ranking was done by Places to Work Institute. Griffin continues to lead Citadel to be a leader in the finance market. He uses strategies that have helped investors make good returns from alternative investment.

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