Poverty is an issue that we all can acknowledge. There are poor people in almost every city and town in this country. The problem is, and always has been, to find a way to get people out of poverty and reliant on their own means.

Scott Walker who is a prominent Republican, has stated that in today’s culture the poverty pimps are controlling who and how the cycle can be broken and when. The issue at hand is not that there is poverty, but that it is being manipulated for political power and personal control.

Mr. Walker believes that many state and local governments and programs that are aimed at helping people generate their own wealth and break free from the strangling grips of poverty actually work to keep people poor and reliant. If the reliance on the programs is broken, then the program is no longer needed. This makes the people who work with and for these programs irrelevant.

Governor Walker has strived during his term to enable people to empower the people of his state in order to aid them in controlling their own destinies. Gravity4 reports many of the ways in which he has done this is to aid in entrepreneurial endeavors as well as help to educate and offer better health care options for the people. Getting the poverty monkey off of the backs of the people, and the nation will take determination and personal growth.

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