Anyone who has watched any of Kim Dao’s videos on YouTube know that this beauty blogger loves to travel. In particular, Kim Dao likes to travel around Japan.

One popular video where she gives great advice to any foreigner thinking about traveling to Japan is called “AKIHABARA: Anime Shopping in TOKYO & MAID CAFE! ft. Sunnydahye.” As you could tell from the title, Kim Dao spends all of her time in this video touring the Akihabara section of Tokyo with her friend Sunnydahye.

Both Kim Dao and Sunnydahye start off their tour of Akihabara with eating at a traditional Maid Café. Both Kim Dao and Sunnydahye gave the restaurant high reviews and said it was a great place for foreigners to visit since the waitresses there did their best to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible.

Kim Dao then explored the various stores in Akihabara. Dao told her viewers there are tons of high-quality anime stores all around Akihabara, and there are also numerous tax-free stores. In Dao’s opinion, one of the best places to get cosplay costumes in the world is in Akihabara.

Lastly, Dao visited a gashapon store. For those who don’t know, a gashapon is basically a vending machine toy. Kim Dao said that even people who aren’t into Pokémon or anime could still find something to enjoy at a gashapon shop in Akihabara. In the shop Dao visited, there were actually gashapons for cats, dogs, and sushi. Each gashapon in the video was only around 200¥ to 500¥ (or 1.77USD to 4.44USD).

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