So far this year we have been blown away by several under the radar blockbusters that turned out to be some of the greatest film of the season. ‘Spy’ and ‘Kingsman’ thus far have been the two highlights and both are likely to find themselves with a sequel in the future. While we aren’t sure when/what ‘Spy’ is going to do, we have confirmation that Matthew Vaughn is penning himself a ‘Kingsman’ sequel with eyes on potentially directing the franchises second installment.

According to a recent TED X, Matthew Vaughn has been one of the more consistent producers of quality action films in recent years. He was behind the hit ‘Kick-Ass’ and that gave him his boost of clout. Before that he was the man behind ‘X-Men: First Class’ and the supremely underrated ‘Stardust’ as well as the 2004 action film, ‘Layer Cake’. Vaughn’s resume speaks for itself, and we aren’t even touching his production credits (including the upcoming ‘Fantastic 4’). However, one of Vaughn’s trademarks has been his refusal to direct sequels to his own work. That is why he put down the ‘X-Men’ mantle and also why ‘Kick-Ass 2’ struggled so much, his hand was just not as deftly felt behind the camera.

So with Vaughn writing the ‘Kingsman’ sequel we can only hope that he jumps back to the camera and carries this one to another exciting entry. With Taron Edgerton and hopefully Colin Firth returning, this could become a special series.

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