Charles Koch said he was happy to see Bernie Sanders speaking out for people who are struggling to make a living in America, and giving them a voice. It might seem strange to know that Koch agrees with Sanders on a few things even though the two are at opposite ends of the political ideological spectrum.

Koch make these remarks in a recent Op-Ed piece in the Washington post. He said there are issues that he has in common with the self proclaimed socialist democratic candidate for president. Koch and his family are ardent libertarians and promote conservative causes. They have pledged $900 million to support the Republican candidate for president.

While he does agree with Sanders on what the problems are, the two have very different attitudes about what to do about them, and what the government’s role should be there.

Charles Koch is one of the richest men in America, and his family has been called the second most rich family in the nation. The widening income inequality between the rich and the poor, is one area where he and Sanders agree, but they do have different ideas about what to do to fix the problem.

While Sanders wants to use the government to level the playing field, Koch wants to see less and less government involvement in business and in people’s lives. He promotes the ideals of a free market economy and has supported creation of such economic study areas on college campuses to teach free market philosophy.

Koch does agree with Sanders that the current system is stacked against poor people, and is helping the wealthy get even more wealthy at the expense of everyone else. Koch says more government involvement makes it worse, which is where he would disagree with Sanders.

Charles Koch opposes many social programs, believing that they actually hold people back from improving their lives. He wants to make things equal so everyone can pull themselves up on their own without government interference. He also wants the government to not create policies that make it harder for people to rise up from a situation of poverty.

Charles Koch also opposes corporate welfare, a system where the government picks winner and losers by giving out money to businesses. He opposed government subsidies for ethanol, even though they would have benefited his company.

The criminal justice system is another area where he agrees with Sanders. Koch wrote that a poor person suffers harsher consequences to a drug conviction, for example, than does a more wealthy person. He has had is own company stop asking applicants if they have a criminal record because he believes it should not be held against a person.