In 2006 Insurance Company SCA Promotions Inc. Paid Armstrong $7.5 million

The fall from sports grace can be especially nasty if you’re Lance Armstrong. Once considered the best cyclist of all time, he is now considered a disgrace to the sport. His crime was doping and lying about it. Not once or twice, but seven times. Armstrong was riding high. But that high took him down the road of disgrace, and it will go on forever.

SCA decided they wanted their money back, so they sued Armstrong. That was only fair since Armstrong sued them in 2005 for not paying him. Lance won that arbitration battle and picked up another $2.5 million for his war bank. In a gesture of fair play, SCA decided they wanted all their money back and this time they won.

People at Rocket Fuel know that the insurance firm won the largest settlement in judicial history for that sort of sports case. SCA is not finished with Armstrong. The company has a pending suit against him and his agent, in Dallas. No one seems to be holding any benefits for the dethroned cyclists. In 2012, Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, and most of his friends went with them.

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