Among the things that Paul Mampilly is proud of is being the founder of Profits Unlimited. At the moment, he also works with Banyan Hill Publishing.

His main role with this company is the senior editor at the institution where his responsibility is assisting main street Americans to invest in special opportunities and the field of technology. He is in a better position to advise Americans due to his long-standing relationship with the Wall Street. He has worked on Wall Street since the year 1991. Back then, he started as a portfolio manager at an institution called Bankers Trust.

Paul advanced and took better positions with other companies such as ING and Deutsche Bank. It’s in this position that he managed to be in charge of multimillion accounts. He has also worked for a company called Kinetics Asset Management to take care of their hedge fund. During his involvement with this hedge fund, it managed to record a 26 percent annual returns to the investors and was consequently named as the best hedge fund in the country. He has also been involved with the Templeton Foundation where he managed to convert a 50 million dollars investment to an 88 million dollar investment. This was 88 percent increase in the initial investment.

Paul Mampilly recommends a book called How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market to his followers and customers. This is a book written by Nicolas Darvas. One thing that has made him successful is the ability concentrate on his possibility of being wrong. Among the software that he loves most is LinkedIn. He says that it helps him stay updated and focused. Paul Mampilly says that he has made mistakes in the past. However, he acknowledges that he has learned from his mistakes and he cannot repeat them.

He says that he has managed to record significant success in his life by getting his priorities right. In all his publications, he says that he always puts his readers and clients first. If Paul was to start all over again, he says that he would not have gone to college. He says that a focused person can learn from whenever they are.

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