Lime Crime just launched its newest collection and it is absolutely fantastic! The new collection is called Diamond Dew and it has LimeCrime lovers over the moon.

If you aren’t familiar with Lime Crime, it is a beauty company that is a bit of a rebel in the cosmetics industry. Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere as a result of her not being able to find the bold lipstick colors she wanted. When she founded the company she made a commitment to only use the best organic ingredients and to always make sure her products were vegan friendly and never tested on animals. Lime Crime started as a line of bright lipsticks that came in every shade from rich red to bright orange to bold, starlight blue. Lime Crime became an immediate hit with women who wanted to express themselves through makeup and the company quickly grew. Over the years Lime Crime has expanded to offer eyeshadows, highlighters, hair dyes and more. Lime Crime is incredibly selective about the products they offer to their buyers. In fact, one of their mottos is that if their team isn’t truly obsessed with a product, they simply won’t release it. Because of that attitude fans of Lime Crime absolutely flip when there is news of a new product launch. Diamond Dew was no different. People have been waiting for months to get their hands on the next big item from Lime Crime.

Diamond Dew is the latest release from Lime Crime. Many fans speculated before its launch that it might be a sparkly eyeliner or a new liquid highlighter (Lime Crime currently has a powder highlighter). However, Diamond Dew made its big debut and Lime Crime lovers were thrilled to find out that it was a liquid eyeshadow.

Diamond Dew comes in 10 different colors and can be used either on a naked eye or on top of any eyeshadow color to add flair to your look. Colors include teal, gold, rose, pink and more. The liquid eyeshadow is thin enough to blend easily on top of a powder shadow, while also staying in place for a full day.