If you’ve ever explored changing internet service providers you have probably came to the same conclusion that many others have; there are no options. In many rural and suburban landscapes the ISP market is dominated by one or two ISPs. That is it. As you can imagine, this has left much to be desired. Comcast is the poster boy for what can go wrong when the market is dominated by one provider. However, there has been a knight in shining armor. Google Fiber, Google’s fiberoptic alternative has been rolled out in a few small markets. The inexpensive service provides blazingly fast internet at a low cost. Sam Tabar (crunchbase.com) knows that the big ISP players are taking note, and so are local municipalities. Take for example the Oregon towns of Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Gresham and West Linn. These towns are taking matters into their own hand and are building their own fiber networks. Granted, this will take time and money. But the results speak for themselves. One newly completed network provides the same service as Google Fiber for $10 less per month! If this becomes a new trend we will all have something to look forward too.

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