Vacationing in London, England is a must for Americans. We have a special relationship with Londoners. We share commonalities including, language, literature, music and fashion. Londoners live on an island whose neighbors speak many different and confusing languages. Of course they like us and we like them. We are friends despite our angry separation hundreds of years ago. Today they are our staunchest political allies. They like football and beer. They are just like us. Well the beer is slightly different and their football is very different.
If you’re planning to go to London remember to dress in layers and take an umbrella or buy one at Harrods. Study guide books before you go and be prepared to cover a lot of ground on foot. But most importantly don’t rely on the hotel system to make you comfortable or happy. We stayed in a quality hotel chain a short distance from Victoria Station. It was convenient, there was a theater across the street and Sainsbury’s was two blocks away. But the room was disappointing. I wanted to leave and find any other accommodations but my traveling companion was tired and suffering with a bad cold. The room was too small! Smaller than our accommodations on a cruise ship! This poorly designed room had two double closet doors and I thought it would be ample until I drew the sliding door apart. I was expecting a full closet depth but was shocked to see a closet depth of eight or nine inches. By this time leaving was out of the question for my companion as she had nestled herself into the bed after our long voyage from the boat landing in Dover via rail to Victoria Station. I was stuck in a very expensive room where Internet was an additional charge and the heating system was continually blowing hot air into the room.
There is an option to wasting money and staying in a room the size of a prison cell; WorldEscape offers entire apartments to rent while you stay in London and the surrounding areas. Their well equipped website show what is available and for how much. I only wish I had know about WorldEscape before my London hotel misadventure.