Skout is another app that helps you meet people and make the world smaller. It is the largest app of it’s kind which is good because that maximizes the people you can meet or talk to. Skout on stands out from other meeting people apps because of it’s unique travel feature that let’s you virtually go anywhere in the world. After you have selected a location you can then chat with people in that area. This could be great for people who are traveling for work alone and are only in the city for a night or two and would like some companionship for dinner, people who are active and enjoy activities that are best for multiple people such as tennis, kick ball, or Frisbee golf, or people who just really enjoy making new friends that they wouldn’t meet in their normal walk of life.

In addition to being a great way to find people with similar interests in new cities or to simply ask directions or find a great restaurant Skout is also considered a dating app. Skout has you select whether you are a teen or adult and then lets you comment on posts and chat with other users. Unlike most other dating apps, Skout uses points and when you cash in points you can search for people in other areas.

Safety is often a concern for social networking apps when it comes to children. Users have to be at least 13 to join Skout, of course, nothing is really stopping children from lying about their ages but users can report people that are underage and Skout managers will address these issues promptly. Skout has two different teen groups depending on their grades and users can only interact with people in the same group. Skout monitors messaging and interactions between users 24/7 to ensure that no rules are being broken. Users can get banned if they are under 13 and gave a false age, ask for money, post offensive pictures, or harass other users. The fact that Skout has a teens only section makes it a lot safer than other dating apps because 16 year olds cannot talk to adults they can just talk to their peers.

There is undoubtedly a huge increase in the amount of time people spend on their phone and other technologies that a lot of people say contributes to having less genuine conversations with people or that they are present but not really present because they are on their phone the whole time and are not actively listening or participating in the conversation. One could argue that technology might have some hindrances with friendships because it can decrease quality time if people are engaging in their phones instead of each other when they are together but on the other hand, apps like Skout can help people make way more friends than they would if we did not have technologies such as these.

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