Floyd Dent, a weaponless African American man has settled with the state of Michigan for $1.4 million. Dent was viciously beaten by police in Inkster, Michigan back in January. The incident occurred after he was pulled over by police for rolling through a stop sign. Driving a fairly newer Cadillac, police officers pulled Dent out of the car and immediately forced him onto the ground. From there, dash cam video in the police cruiser caught two officers beating Dent, placing him in a chokehold and striking him in the head over 10 times with a nightstick.

The video also shows one of the officers attempting to put Dent in handcuffs as he was being hit. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital isn’t too happy about that. As a natural defense mechanism, Dent was attempting to cover his face instead of comply with the unreasonable request to be handcuffed. This resulted in him being shot with a Taser nearly three times. When questioned, police officers stated that Dent was clearly resisting arrested and they were fearing for their safety. However after video footage was shown to the judge and jurors, they disagreed.
Both officers were clearly wrong for their actions against Dent. While the monetary settlement still does not make it right, they city and state are both trying to pay Dent back for the mistreatment he received. One of the officers involved has been fired and the other resigned. Both are faces misconduct charges.

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