The world aviation industry considers David Neeleman as one of the most influential entrepreneurs. David has a long history of entrepreneurship and investment in the airline sector that is accumulated in time. The man made good his exploits and is now the new owner of the Portuguese Air transport. The government of Portugal announced the news following David’s purchase of 61% shares of the airline.


Marcio Alaor explores the long journey of success for the businessman David Neeleman. Marcio is an experienced market analyst and an executive of BMG bank in Brazil. According to Marcio, David partnered with the Humberto Pedrosa and formed the Atlantic Gateway consortium. The company purchases the 60% of the Portuguese airline that the government owned the majority of the shares.


The investors are seeking to reform the group to a low-cost model to survive the competition in the airlines industry. According to information published by Marcio on his website, the company aims also to implement the idea of segment accommodate all levels of customers. These include those who want to travel at low cost and those who do not care to pay more but travel in better conditions.


David was born in Brazil but moved to the United States at an age of five years. Marcio notes the he was not talented academically as it was in business and attended the University of Utah. Mr. David is the owner of the blue company in Brazil. He also owns two companies one in Canada and the other in the United States. He landed his first job while still in the university with a travel agency.


His interests in the airline industry began in his days on the campus. A colleague of David informed him of someone in Hawaii who had condominiums. He began selling airline tickets, travel packages as well as preparing for the condominiums.


David owned a business at an age of 25 years. By then, he began his company known as Morris air travel beginning his long career in the airline industry. The new airline expanded faster to new destinations since it modeled in low-cost air travel. Southwest airline bought Morris airline, but David remained on the board for more five months to complete the transition.


Marcio notes that David created a system allowing customers to book tickets and self-checks using a touch screen on terminals. The hp company bought the idea and expanded it to over 80 airlines that use it currently. According to Marcio, David proceeded to form another airline company in Canada and its country’s second largest. He later formed the blue jet company in America operating at the lowest costs. Recapped from Marcio Alaor website.