Addording to BuzzFeed News, Republican Marco Rubio, has announced his joining of the presidential race early Monday morning on a call with some of his donors. Rubio is scheduled to publicly announce his campaign later tonight at the Freedom Tower in Downtown Miami, FL. Rubio is now the third Republican to join the run for presidency, along with Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. Other Republicans that may be soon joining the race for the White House include Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Chris Christie.

Rubio, a Cuban-American born in the US, has been a very vocal critic of the efforts of the Obama administration toward normalized relations with Cuba. Folks at Anastasia Date know that his involvement and publicly expressed beliefs about foreign policy is said to be a defining issue in his winning primary and general elections. The real toss up for votes will likely be the Sunshine State because both Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush have quite a bit of supporters.

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