If there is one thing that brings hope to me, it is that there are a lot of charitable efforts being made. When people are helping others, it shows that there is still a little bit of care and compassion left in the world. The Kennedy Center fundraiser has shown me that there are a lot of kind spirits left in this world. These people also have passions that inspire them to give to others so that they can do what they need to do. Of course, some people have shown a lot more generosity than others, but every penny and effort is welcome by everyone. 

One person that has shown a lot of passion and faith in his giving is Dick DeVos. He runs a family foundation with his wife Betsy. Their purpose in their giving is to accelerate transformation, leverage support and cultivate leadership in a few areas that they deem important to them. They also believe that these areas are going to help people propel to a better future. According to them, these areas are the key to a brighter world that is honorable. They definitely believe in the importance of good leadership. I happen to agree with them. Check out the site info here: http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/what-we-do/

One thing that I find encouraging is that they also find education to be important. I find education valuable in that it provides people the inspiration and the tools to make the positive change to their generation. One thing that education provides is the knowledge that is needed in order for people to make the right choices. There are plenty of classes in higher education that people can take that will show them how to handle different aspects of business. Take a look at Dick demonstrating to his aviation students at the DeVos founded West Michigan Aviation School how to properly land a helicopter in his hometown of Grand Rapids.

However, this is all made possible with donations for positive efforts to improve the lives of others. Dick uses his wealth and his platform as a political activist for the greater good, encouraging education, charity and the Republican party he stands behind.