When using the Internet became popular, many people did not have Internet in their homes. Maybe school children would learn about the Internet at school, but at the time, computers were not as affordable as they are now. Many kids would use the Internet in school, but few of them could come home to use the Internet themselves. As the years progressed on, the Internet became more and more popular, and they got to a point where people couldn’t live without it. When speaking of the Internet from back in the days, most people had a direct connection to the Internet.

If the internet was connected to a computer or laptop, it had to be connected via an ethernet cable or some other direct form. It seems convenient to have cable Internet connected to a computer or laptop, but compared to what we have today, these types of connections are more of an inconvenience. Once Wi-Fi was introduced and it became popular, it became the most utilized form of connecting to the Internet. No one wants to have to sit at their computer or laptop, especially when Wi-Fi can connect to the Internet without the hassle of a wire or some kind of direct connection.

Since Wi-Fi became extremely popular, many Internet companies that sold wireless services would try to add some sort of Wi-Fi connection to the Internet services they were selling. Many people would buy a modem that had an internal router, and the router would allow Wi-Fi to go throughout the home or business. Wi-Fi is the number one way that people connect to the Internet now, although people still use direct connections on their computers that may not have Wi-Fi on it. Hotspots are also popular today because it gives a person Wi-Fi connections while they are away from home.

Anyone looking for a Wi-Fi connection should consider FreedomPop. FreedomPop is not only a company that has cell phone service and Internet service, but their Wi-Fi services popular as well. FreedomPop has now created a service that allows its customers to utilize Wi-Fi connections when they are on the go. It’s not enough for a customer to just have a Wi-Fi connection because they can get that anywhere. The reason why FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service is different is because there is only one small monthly charge, and the person can access the Wi-Fi as much as they want.

There are millions of hotspots that are available all over the USA, and any major metropolis will have tons of Wi-Fi hotspots available for connection. FreedomPop only charges five dollars monthly for this service, and it’s impossible to beat that price, even if someone chooses to go to another company. Many companies have seen that this type of service is needed by their customers, but they have some sort of stipulation that limits the amount of Wi-Fi a person use, or they are charged for the usage. Just by downloading the FreedomPop app, a FreedomPop user can access Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere.

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