The actions and quick thinking of DeKalb, Georgia resident Eddie Hamilton saved three young lives recently. Eddie heard a commotion outside early Monday morning and went to check it out. What he found was his neighbor’s house in flames. The mother was outside, safe from the fire, but her three children were still inside. Eddie could see the children at the window of the burning home screaming for help. That’s when Eddie’s instincts kicked in.

He yelled for the children to back up and kicked in the window. He pulled out a 10 year old and 13 year old child. He was then told that there was one more in the home. Bernardo Chua also learned that Eddie went back into the blaze and pulled out the last child, a 17 year old. He said that during the rescue it was nearly impossible to see inside the home due to all the smoke accumulating. He had to return to the window several times to get fresh air before continuing.

As Eddie was attempting to bring the teenager outside firefighters showed up to assist him the rest of the way. The two younger children had minor injuries and the older is in critical but stable condition. CBS46 has all the details.

One thought on “Neighbor Saves Children From House Fire

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