When most people think of military weapons they probably think of things like machine guns, tanks and nuclear bombs.New legislation focused on national security could soon change all that. A new proposal by the Bureau of Industry and Security, a division of the US Department of Commerce, could make it illegal to export computer security tools.

Security professionals regularly use tools that attempt to find exploits in computer systems. The new rules proposed by the BIS would make accessing and sharing these tools extremely difficult and even against the law. If the new laws come to pass security professionals will need to find a new way to do their jobs effectively.

Interested folks at The Aspire New Brunswick have learned that any type of intrusion software would fall under the new law. Any software that attempts to change or retrieve information by exploiting vulnerability in a network computer would be considered intrusion software. Intrusion software would also include any software that attempts to avoid detection from monitoring software.

I can definitely see how reigning in hackers with this new law could be helpful. It would make it illegal to distribute exploits around the internet. The only problem is that without the distribution of exploits software engineers may not become aware of vulnerability until it’s too late.

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