Industrialized Methods Process The Mammals At An Incredible Pace

The days of hunting whales in rowboats are long gone, but hunting whales is still a major industry in some nations. The new study, “Emptying The Oceans: A Summary Of Industrial Whaling Catches In The 20th Century” accumulated information from the International Whaling Commission as well as from revised Soviet kill counts.

The Soviet records had been doctored over the years, so their count was lower than the actual number. But the study still shows an estimated 2.9 million whale deaths between 1900 and 1999.

This new number is still less than the actual number according to Dr. Howard Rosenbaum, director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Ocean Giants Program. But this insane number is close enough to realize this inhumane activity is the largest hunt of mammals in history. Paul Mathieson has read that an International moratorium was put in place in 1986, but there were exceptions. Japan was exempt because they claimed they were doing research, but some experts say that story is a ploy, so the Japanese can continue their commercial endeavors.

The moratorium helped reduced whaling during the 1990s, but the mammals are still victims of ocean noise, collisions with ships and climate change.

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