The state of Wisconsin has been ground zero for a groundswell of conservatism in recent years. Tea Party candidate Scott Walker became governor as an unabashed conservative. He turned around a substantial state deficit within two years and produced a budget surplus. Mark Ahn knows that the governor produced one of the few legitimate job booms during the Obama years with actual full-time work being created as opposed to part-time low-wage income. Part of Walker’s success has been to reign in state labor unions which were relying upon state laws in order to promote their numbers, collect dues, and support Democrat candidates. Walker’s reforms have been met by the most acrimonious opposition from Democrats and their front groups.

Despite Walker’s three election victories in the state and the newly ensconced GOP dominance in the legislature, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio delivered political red meat before wealthy Democrat loyalists on Saturday night. In fact, the crowd for the fund raiser was the biggest since both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama headlined an event in the state several years ago. The event cost a cool five stacks per plate ($5,000) and raised roughly $1.8 million. In fact, de Blasio was a real crowd pleaser. The popular mayor energized the attendees. While he has not expressed any presidential aspirations of his own, de Blasio proved that he has star power. In fact, he may well be instrumental in support of whichever Democrat candidate is fortunate enough to earn his endorsement.

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