Is New York City mayor Bill de Blasio getting ready to endorse Bernie Sanders for president? At the least, he’s saying nice things about the Vermont senator and presidential candidate while avoiding being seen with Hillary Clinton.

“I think Bernie Sanders is a great senator, is a great voice for a fair society and a fair economy,” de Blasio said as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, de Blasio has chosen to skip Hillary Clinton’s campaign rally on Roosevelt Island in New York City. “I’m waiting to hear, as I’ve said, her larger vision for addressing income inequality,” Mr. de Blasio said in response to questions about his attendance to the event this Saturday.

The mayor’s statements are curious given his history with Mrs. Clinton. InsiderMonkey also suggested that he was her campaign manager for her successful bid for Senate in 2000 and supported her through the 2008 Democratic primary. While Clinton is widely seen as the frontrunner for the Democrats’ pick in 2016, controversy continues to dog her campaign, from Republicans focusing on her conduct when she was Secretary of State to Democrats fretting about creating a Clinton political dynasty.

Sanders, an Independent Senator, has emerged as her only genuine challenger thus far, focusing on themes of inequality and social fairness as his platforms.

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