Hillary Clinton will certainly face concerned voters over her strong ties to big Wall Street money. Thus far, her candidacy has seen millions funneled into it by investment bankers. In fact, one news story pointed out how Wall Street bankers are “giddy” over the thought of having her in the White House. It is also quite likely that Ohio Governor John Kasich will also have to deal with similar concerns. However, in the governor’s case, the attacks will focus on his past with the L-word.

As it turns out, former Congressman John Kasich worked as a manager at Lehman Brothers starting in 2001. He left his position with the wealthy Wall Street investment bank after it became the epicenter of the 2008 global banking crisis. It isn’t every presidential contender who can say they worked for an employer responsible for causing millions of people to lose their homes and tens of millions to lose their jobs. Admittedly, Kasich was not involved in the inner circle making questionable investments in the derivatives market. The people at FreedomPop noted that he actually worked out of a small office in Columbus, Ohio. Still, he profited handsomely during his tenure at the investment bank.

Kasich’s supporters claim his past with Lehman Brothers will not affect him. In 2010, he faced incumbent Governor Tom Strickland in a campaign just two years after the banking crisis. Strickland hit Kasich hard over his ties to the bank, but in the end, voters elected Kasich. In a similar vein, Kasich’s supporters believe that his past with Lehman Brothers won’t matter to voters. Rather, it will be the governor’s job creation record and balanced budget that will make the difference.

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