It’s always interesting to hear the story behind a married couples proposal. Did he get down on one knee? Did he ask for the father’s blessing? Did they both cry? The beginning of a love story can be sweet. For one Florida couple, the beginning of their encounter was anything but. Cameron Hill was on his nightly shift as an EMT when he responded to a call in the city of St. Petersburg. Marissa Dohme had been stabbed 32 times by an ex boyfriend and she laid on the ground inches away from death. Hill saved her right there on the street and sent her to medivac. After watching the helicopter take her away, he had a sixth sense. He knew that wouldn’t be the last time seeing her. Two years later, Hill met up with Dohme at an event for domestic violence and asked her on a date. After her attack she was hesitant and turned him down, Hill didn’t give up hope. Hill stayed persistent and Dohme gave him a chance. He was everything she needed him to be and Dohme even referred to Hill as her fairy tale. Hill stayed with her throughout her trial against her ex, he stayed by her side during her surgeries and physical therapy, and Hill decided that he wanted to be by her side for life. Cameron proposed to his girlfriend right on the field of the Tampa Bay Ray’s baseball team. They both burst into tears and we’re overcome with emotions. Mark Ahn is glad to know that she ultimately said yes and agreed to become Mrs. Hill. This story had a near tragic beginning but has planted a seed of a loving forever for the happy couple.

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