As an entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman has co-founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, and he gives guidance via software development which offers online company planning that benefits new start ups. Business planning can help propel a small enterprise into a successful future. New strategies are also beneficial to traditional businesses that must now compete in a global arena. Previously, he has resided in six different countries. This background gives him insight into global markets. Mr. Wakeman is also an avid writer and investor, and these skills have assisted him with both his current and past positions (


The development of a 5 step performance methodology, which has a track record of proven results, has made him a sought after personality in the business world. The ideas are centered around several important business functions, and these include leadership, risk management, and human capital. The way an organization executes its business plan is also key to success. Adverse conditions also have to be accounted for when there is a decline in revenue. A miscalculation when breaking into an emerging market can cause a temporary setback for both small and large corporations.


Mr. Wakeman has a diverse educational background that has given him a strong foundation in Finance. In 1981, he gained an undergraduate degree from the University of Scranton in Economics and Finance. After completing his Bachelor of Science, he obtained an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1993. He has had a successful career at many companies, including GE Capital. A keen mind towards business planning and hard work have propelled Mr. Wakeman to higher heights in the business world. He is currently the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC.


New ideas are constantly changing the business arena, and Glen Wakeman has stated in interviews that he is open to explaining recently developed concepts to colleagues. Executives at a start up will also often have a different way of doing business that may be a viable business plan. The knowledge to actually bring the company to a strong position in the industry may be lacking for younger professionals. Mr. Wakeman helps to effectively develop executive talent for both new and long standing companies.

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Adam Milstein is a prominent Isreali real estate investor. He is the managing partner of Hagar Pacific Properties and has no doubt left his mark on that particular industry. The centerpiece of Adam Milstein’s career is being an advocate for people and students around the world who want to find their roots. This is more than a mission for Adam Milstein. It has become his life’s work.

Adam Milstein is heavily involved with the Adam and Gina Milstein Family Foundation. The goal of the organization is to help and mentor students around the world and help them connect with their Jewish faith. Throwing his considerable capital behind the project Adam Milstein has helped many students and scholars learn about the heritage from which they have come from.

In order to further his work of helping Jewish people around the world, he has helped establish the Isreali-American Council. The main goal of the Council is to help broaden the relations between Isreal and the United Staes. It also helps Jewish Americans get in touch with their heritage.

The philanthropy of Adam Milstein has not gone unnoticed either. He was listed in the top two hundred of the Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs. He has continually advocated for Jewish people to receive more job opportunities and well as learn their native language of Hebrew.

Adam Milstein is also a well-known writer and publisher as well. He often goes on speaking tours and challenges Jewish people to be able to learn to read and write in their native language in order to become more immersed in the culture. He is a generous man who will always give his time, energy, and resources in order for people to better understand the long lasting heritage of the Jewish faith and culture.

Adam Milstein will leave a big and expansive legacy on the world of today as we know it. This is a man whose passion and determination to give the Jewish people as many opportunities afforded to them will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. That is what a life’s work is all about.

Life tends to throw of us all a few curb balls over the years. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. This notion rings true and there is one guy who personifies this notion perfectly. Technologist Eric Pulier has made a name for himself over the years thanks to his brilliant way of thinking. The Teaneck, New Jersey, native was never the athlete as many of his peers were. Pulier’s gift came from ideas, and he used this hidden talent to better peoples lives. In 1984, Pulier would start his college career at Harvard University. During this time, he would take classes at MIT as well as write a column for the prominent Harvard Crimson publication. He was also the editor while majoring in English & American literature. From this rather young age, the future was looking mighty promising.

After graduating from Harvard in 1988, Pulier moved to Los Angeles and began Pulier’s professional career. Having such a profound love for technology, he used his ideas to better mankind. Pulier has a staggering 15 founded companies under his belt. This includes:

• Service Mesh Inc.
• Desktone Inc.
• Akana Software
• Digital Evolution
• And many mpre

Eric Pulier is currently making an impact with his innovative “vAtomic Systems.” The guy reads a lot, and he writes down information as keywords. These keywords will turn into ideas that will grow over time. This is his special way of thinking and it has paid off in huge dividends. Pulier is passionate about helping others as he has developed technology that solves issues in underprivileged communities. He also developed one of the first multimedia educational programs for people who suffer with Multiple Sclerosis.

Is Eric Pulier the real deal? With a successful career and educational background, his accomplishments speaks for themselves.

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Various Institutions in Brazil have suffered huge loss for lack of prominent leaders. The same case is with the bank of Bradesco where it can be very challenging to select a president. To be a president of great ventures such as Bradesco, one has to go through various levels of rejection. Besides, as if that was not enough, the elected leader has to be influential. For these reasons, finding qualified persons to fit this particular position at Bradesco needed a tough move. The company has had been with various presidents, Mr. Amador Aguiar was the first president and founder of the company. He founded Bradesco in the year 1981 and served from 1904 to 1991. Later on, he was succeeded by Lazaro Brandao as the second president and eventually, Marcio Cypriano took over in 1999.

During Marcio Cypriano’s era, Bradesco had overwhelming performances, he was however much older which was contrary to Bradesco conditions. The condition stated that individuals exceeding 65 years were not suitable for the presidential seat. For these reasons, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was then appointed as the vice president. The board of directors saw much potential in Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as he had been with the company nearly since its establishment. Luiz Carlos was set to succeed Cypriano who was now ageing. Although Cypriano managed to multiply Bradesco’s market, a time came, and he had to step down. The office seemed much heavier as time went by as by that time, Bradesco started underperforming. This was especially in the financial market sector that got Bradesco in the second place. Bradesco had lost its first position to Itau Unibanco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was much familiar with Bradescos management. This was one advantage as to why he was suitable person to take over the top office. He was born in 1951, and after graduating, Luiz Carlos began as a clerk at Bradesco. Besides this position, he also worked through various sectors of Bradesco such as, the private pension & marketing, the strategic areas of the business, and as the chairmanship of the insurer of Bradesco group among others. Much later in 2009, Luiz carols Trabuco Cappi took over the presidency. In no time, the company had already started to experience various changes. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s first action was to fight for his company’s victory. He, then, in 2015, acquired the Brazilian branch of HSBC at $ 5.2 billion.

The acquisition was to enable a quick elevation to the Bradesco’s market shares that it had lost to the rival bank, Itau Unibanco. The acquisition was impressive, where Bradesco together with HSBC’s, shares almost tripled. For these reasons, Bradesco claimed back its first position as it outperformed Itau Unibanco. In this case, Itau Unibanco lost three fundamental features to Bradesco. These features include; branch network, the number of account holders, and total investment funds. HSBC acquisition was the best idea as Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi stated that Bradesco had achieved victory.

He stresses that, organically, the victory would have been achieved in six years. Bradesco was therefore scheduled by the market forecast as one among the companies that were to receive a green light. This was in the year 2016, and as a result, Bradesco president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was crowned by DINHEIRO agencies as the financial entrepreneur of the year. According to a press release, Luiz Carlos was considered the greatest leader ever at Bradesco. In its 65th anniversary, the insurer’s contribution to the bank’s profit rose from 26% to 35% with overall market shares rising from 23% to 25%.

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In the last few decades, we have seen improvements in the technological world. It is bringing really faster changes in our lives, bringing us more comfort and leisure. Each year, a lot of new gadgets are introduced, a lot of them are upgraded to newer versions. These devices have made everyone’s life really easy whether it’s a student, a house lady, a worker or a politician, everyone has benefitted from technology. Prisoners are no exception to this too. They are also being helped in terms of communication by Securus Technologies.

With the help of the inventions and products introduced by Securus Technologies, prisoners really find it easy and comfortable to communicate with their loved ones. Law enforcement agencies are also getting a lot of benefit by using these products and services. They can now tighten the security and monitor the behavior of inmates inside the cell to avoid any conflicts and riots. Securus was founded in 1986. This company is located in Dallas, United States. It is equipped with the latest technology for manufacturing high tech devices for correctional facilities. It consists of almost a thousand employees. It has also done partnerships with many state prisons providing them hi tech devices. It has built a lot of innovative devices including voice calling devices, video calling devices, biometric systems and much more.

The most popular device among law enforcement agencies built by Securus Technologies is cellular phone jammers. Authorities running prisons purchase these devices to stop the prohibited use of cellular phones inside the prison. There were a lot of illegal cell phone users in the prisons before the use of these jammers, and it was really difficult to stop them. But now, they can easily be identified and caught. This has also reduced a lot of crimes inside the prison. Many communication devices by Securus Technologies are enjoyed by prisoners. They can easily talk to their family and friends now.

White shark media is a unique company that is made up of various features. White shark media is also made up of other companies that help each other in supplying better service so that they can get enough profit. This company has the task of aiming higher to create more success. The organization is doing much better which led to it being named the largest company in North America when it comes to marketing.

Many clients always come back for the services that they offer and also because of the better services that they provide. The development of the organization is due to the Gary Gath who is the main founder and also the CEO, he established the organization in the year 2001.

Through using features such as AdWards and Ad management the organization is able to help other top organization to establish and achieve their main objectives whereby these features are more effective hence increasing the number of clients who need their services. Furthermore, White Shark Media attained numerous awards due to the work hard of the workers in the organization Google is one of the organization awarded them with AdWords Premier SMB Partnership award. In addition, also Microsoft also is another organization that acknowledged the organization. Through providing their services that are low cost a lot of clients are happy hence they always recommend other people to the organization. The main objectives of the organization are to always ensure that they enlarge their business to another part of the world so that many people can be able to attain them.

Through the use of the old account, their customers can be able to start new campaigns by managing them with both google analytic and call tracking. The organization better services are spread all over and some of the organization that they have developed includes E-commerce Store, Women’s Fashion Retailers, and Junk Removal. Also, the organization uses its technology to provide better online marketing that will change and advertise other organization which will make them prosper. White Shark Media also ensure that they link with other organization in order for them to provide better service to the community and be recognized all over the world.

Do you often wonder what you can give your small dog that will be nutritious, as well as delicious for them? You will want to purchase the BenefulIncrediBites from Purina. This is made with small dogs in mind, and it gives them just the right nutrients to keep them healthy and fit.

The best flavor of IncrediBites that you can get for your small dog is the beef flavored kind. It also has real carrots and peas included with it. The beef is real, and it was farm raised. There are a lot of really great ingredients in the IncrediBites to offer your pet overall nutrition. They will be getting 27 vitamins and minerals, 23 grams of protein and calcium in just one cup of the IncrediBites. This dog food is made for their tiny teeth so that they can chew it well.

When you are shopping, you will want to know how much the BenefulIncrediBites will cost you. For 15 pounds of this delicious and nutritious treat for your dog, it will cost $13.99. Searching coupons can be done online, and remember to keep an eye out for any other types of promotions that may be offered. You never know when you might hit a sale on the IncrediBites.


Richard Mishaan Design has been a stalwart part of the New York City designer landscape for the past 25 years. Run by Mr. Mishaan himself, Richard Mishaan Design seeks to take the bold and mix it with the antique. Every Mishaan-inspired room showcases the flourish of modern design with all of the tried and trued methods of classical design. Mishaan himself is a candid, enthusiastic, and charismatic leader. Intent on never letting his work supersede his objective, Mishaan has become a favorite of his clients everywhere. You don’t look at Mishaan rooms. You look at rooms that Mishaan made, especially for his clients.

There are many different Richard Mishaan Design projects throughout New York City and the rest of the world, but some of his finest work has come from outside of the borders. You need only to look at the old Cartagena get away home to see what a Richard Mishaan Design style house could look like built from head to toe. The Cartagena home is located in Bogata, Colombia and it is where Mishaan himself goes in order to get away when he needs to get a taste of home — Mishaan was born and raised in Bogota.

The Cartagena home is located on the Caribbean Coast and it features all of the accents of a beach house. Still, Mishaan never overloads his buildings and people never feel overwhelmed when they walk into them. This three story building is comprised of essentially three different textures. Each room speaks to the antique life of old while Richard Mishaan Designs modern spin continues to shine through every decoration. A favorite addition of ours is the Brazilian wood beams throughout the living room — they are nearly 500 years old. Walking into the Cartagena home allows you a look into life through Richard Mishaan’s eyes.


Beneful dog food is a dog food developed around the idea of getting pets healthy and keeping them healthy. Beneful dog food is developed with the knowledge of scientists and nutrition specialists. Each aspect of the food is scrutinized for perfection. It must meet the health needs of your pet. The quality of the nutrition must meet the high standards of the health professional and your dog. Everything from the nutrition, quality and flavor have been tested and scrutinized. The size and shape of the dog food was developed with your dog’s palate in mind. The dry dog food shape is pleasant on the tongue of your pet and the crunch helps serve the needs of your dog to chew something. The softer kibble included gives the feel of a full mouth of food, pleasant on the tongue and satisfying in the belly.

The quality of Beneful dog food is one reason behind the name. All aspects of this food benefit your dog. Processed for the best crunch without minimizing the nutritional value is part of Purina’s aim when developing Beneful dog food. Natural ingredients are key to healthy, nutritious food.  You can feel confident that your pet is getting the best food for every stage of its life with Purina brand dog foods. A healthy dog is a happy dog. You will enjoy your happy dog, including their healthy skin and coat. Crunchy kibble also helps to clean your dog’s mouth to reduce bad dog breath. You owe it to your pet to try Beneful dog food. The dog food with the healthy benefits for good nutrition and crunch.

David Giertz who was the president of the top insurance provider in the world is certain that various financial advisor is not talking about social security with their customers because when they do not bring the conversation about social security retirement profit to their clients because it is their duty it may lead to damaging to the clients and the advisor as well.


Through the research that was conducted it stated that most of the clients who are on the verge of retiring within 10 years and those who have retired, their financial advisor did not speak to them about a matter dealing with social security. Furthermore, the researchers also found out that some even suggested that they would change advisors if their advisor would not talk to them about social security because it is part of their retirement preparation procedure.


David Giertz also alleged that failure to a financial advisor to talk to their clients about their social security program is because that the process of the program has 2,700 rules, therefore, leading to a lot of advisors not wanting take in all of those rules. Also, he advice financial advisor to stop shunning away from learning social security, though they should integrate the program into their conversation with their customers for various reasons.


David Giertz has more than 30 years of increasing expertise in the financial services sector. Furthermore, he is professional investment advisor and he has always used his expertise in creating new inventive techniques that assist in accomplish growth and profits. He as well accomplished a lot as the president of the sales and distribution division of Nationwide Financial because he increased the profits from $11 billion to $17.8 billion hence it was the more than it was expected.


David Gertz also increased the returns of Financial Institutions Bank channel from $1.5 billion to $8 billion. He as well served at Citigroup for 10 years as a financial advisor. He went to Millikin University and got Bachelor of Science and also Executive Master of Business Administration from the University of Miami.