As one of the leading plastic surgeons in the country, Dr. Jennifer Walden is often asked to share insights about her profession. Dr. Walden specializes in the area of cosmetic surgery, which allows people to physically reverse the signs of aging. Not only does this improve their appearance it also improves their self-esteem. As skin ages it loses its elasticity so it is subject to drooping and sagging, which not only makes a person appear old, but tired as well. Procedures such as facelifts and rhinoplasties can help restore a person’s youthful appearance. The procedure for a facelift actually encompasses several key areas on the face, including under the eyes, above the lip and around the jawline.


Although Dr. Walden trained with one of the best cosmetic surgeons in New York, she actually received her education in Austin Texas, which is where she grew up. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Austin she was accepted into medical school. The creativity combined with the immediate delivery of results led her to specialize in plastic surgery. She enrolled in a plastic surgery program at Galveston’s University, where she was also later accepted into a post-residency fellowship program for aesthetic surgery.


Even though Dr. Jennifer Walden has the distinction of having been featured in many articles about plastic surgery she is still described as a warm, down-to-earth individual. After establishing a practice in Manhattan where she worked for many years, Dr. Walden decided to return to her home town of Austin. She currently has a successful practice with patients who often describe her as being both knowledgeable and friendly. She exerts a certain type of confidence that immediately puts her patients at ease. Dr. Walden is dedicated to helping others obtain their goals on how they want to look and feel.

Thor Halvorssen is 39 years old. He is the president of the Human Rights Foundation, which is based in New York. He had launched it in 2005.

Thor Halvorssen is half-Norwegian and half-Venezuelan. He was born and brought up in Caracas. He belongs to an influential royal family. His paternal grandfather was the counsel of the Norwegian king in Venezuela. His mother is descendent of the first president of Venezuela. This is why human rights along with individual liberty are so important for Thor Halvorssen.

He has a lot of empathy for dissidents as well as defectors, and those who can stand up against tyranny. The chairman of Human Rights Foundation was Václav Havel. After his death in 2011, the position was given to Garry Kasparov, who is the Russian chess grandmaster.

Thor Halvorssen has been beaten and jailed for his activities for Human Rights. He does not believe in just talking about human rights. He is a man of action.

He is considered as a right-winger by many. He is continually criticizing the left-wing dictators of Latin America.

Thor Halvorssen claims that he is not a conservative. Rather, he labels himself as a classical liberal. He is standing against all kinds of dictators. His aim is to remove tyranny from the world. The political inclination of people does not bother him at all. Click here to know more.

The Human Rights Foundation has a staff of 12. This small number covers all the corners of the globe. His aim is to bring to light any form of authoritarianism in the world. Besides, he would like to give a voice to all dissidents as well as political prisoners so that they can be heard all across the world.

The Oslo Freedom Forum of Human Rights Foundation is an annual feature. It has become its signature as it is a must-attend event for all human rights activists from across the globe.

Securus Technologies is offering inmates and their visitors opportunities of keeping in touch with one another via modes of videoconferencing. This mode of communication allows the visitor to communicate with an inmate from their preferred location. If you would like to learn more about this wonderfully designed platform of communication that has been engineered to provide its users with convenience, then please feel free to visit its website to learn more about what it has to offer. You may quickly come to realize that it offers the flexibility of scheduling options and convenience that you need to regularly stay in touch with an inmate who may be needing some solace.


Securus Technologies is offering benefits for using its program in more ways than just offering a convenient and flexible platform of communication for inmates and their visitors. It is also helping to keep communities safe, as police agencies are able to monitor any and all conversations and hand them over to the courts if any matters of illegal activities are discussed. It’s highly recommended for every individual to ensure that they know what to expect prior to utilizing this program, as they do not necessarily want to find themselves getting into trouble. It is highly advisable for both inmates and visitors to avoid engaging in any and all illegal activities. Unfortunately, many people are currently unaware of crimes occurring in correctional facilities. Securus Technologies is helping to uncover such crimes one step at a time. It is your job as a user of the program to ensure that you are doing what you can to stay away from anything that would be considered as being an illegal activity. Many people have been caught being involved with illegal matters through the discussions that have taken place over Securus Technologies. You do not want to be next!


Rick Smith is a respected business leader who has made significant achievements in the telecommunications industry. He has been an excellent administrator for the past four decades that he has been in the sector. In 2008, Smith was appointed to serve Securus Technologies as its CEO and has been holding the position to date. He has used his experience in leading the firm to develop innovative products that have enabled it to prosper in the correction industry. The company has been growing since was established. In 2004, it created a merger with two leading technology companies, which are Evercom and Netix. It made another significant step in 2009 when it acquired an offender management systems company that was known as Syscon Justice System. Rick’s level of education has allowed him to be successful. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from the State University of New York and also has a master’s degree from the field.

Smith’s has had a successful term at Securus Technologies. Under his leadership, the firm has founded various cutting edge products that can meet the need of all its customers. The company is driven by innovation, and this has made it a leader in the sector. Smith has assisted the firm in attracting many clients, and it is currently serving over 3450 law enforcement facilities that are located in North America. He has been striving to maintain the outstanding reputation that the company has built over the years. Read more articles at

The telecommunications expert has served many corporations during his long career. He was once an employee of Frontier Corporation where he was offered different senior offices. Smith had an opportunity to work in various departments, and they include business development, operations, information technology, and finance. He served the company as from 1972 to 1997. Rick later joined Eschelon Telecom where he held positions such as COO, CFO, and was appointed as the CEO in 2002. Smith assisted the company in making significant accomplishments such as raising its income to $350 from the initial $30 million. The CAGR of Eschelon Telecom grew by 48 percent while its EBITDA was increased to about $80 million. Smith left his role at the company in 2007 but still serves as a member of its board.

Rick Smith has been working hard to ensure that Securus Technologies can cover various technology gaps that are in the corrections industry. He has also assisted the firm in protection all its invention by creating an outstanding patent portfolio. Smith believes that the company develops the best products in the industry, and this makes it better than its competitors. Securus Technologies currently provides its services in about 3450 penitentiaries that are located in different parts of North America. Its headquarters are based in Carrollton, Texas. Check this article at to know more about Rick Smith.

Dr. Clay Siegall is the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is a biotech firm that specializes in developing different types of therapy drugs for certain diseases that haven’t had much luck with treatment in the past few decades. Dr. Siegall has two degrees, a B.S. in zoology from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University. Dr. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998 and has founded and created a many prescription drugs since then. Seattle Genetics has flourished since their startup and has made a large contribution to medicine today.


In a recent interview with Inspirery, Dr. Clay Siegall answered some questions about his business. An important question that was asked in his interview was How did you get started in this business and what inspired you to start this business? He stated that he was always interested in medicine and the power of technology. He also went on to say how he saw the effect of cancer on someone close to him and it was brutal. Another question asked How do you make money and how long did it take for you to become profitable? Dr. Siegall replied with a lengthy description that goes on to talk about how difficult it is to get a drug approved, however once you get your foot in the door, then the money starts rolling in.


Dr. Siegall has secured more than $675 million through private and public financings. Before Seattle Genetics Dr. Siegall was with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for about 8 years and before that he was at the National Cancer Institute for about 3 years. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Alder BioPharmaceuticals, which is a private biotech company. As you can see Dr. Siegall is very experienced in his field of research and has contributed plenty to the field of science and the communities as well as the world are grateful for everything he has done so far.


White Shark Media serves a large pool of small and mid-sized businesses with actionable online marketing strategies. Entrepreneurs across America have relied on online marketing campaigns and collection of proprietary marketing tools offered by White Shark to expand their companies. The recipe for success of this company is tracking all the marketing campaigns for its customers in detail. The firm can measure the performance of every marketing effort utilizing Google Analytics Integration, proprietary reporting software, and Keyword-level call tracking.


Reviews from clients


White Shark Media puts the interests of its customers above everything. The digital marketing giant has embraced a habit of taking the marketing goals of the customer and making them its own. If the number of excellent reviews and grading from both new and existing customers is anything to go by, White Shark Media is one of the greatest online marketing firms in America.


  1. Davek Accessories


This company has applauded White Shark Media for its ability to offer outstanding services consistently. Davek boasts highly performing online marketing campaigns thanks to White Shark’s competent and accommodative team. After the marketing campaigns were revised, the number of orders has been on upward trend.


  1. Asbestos Abatement


This client has seen a tangible difference since White Shark Media got involved in his business. Asbestos has proceeded to recommend more clients to the digital marketing heavyweight. The client praises White Shark for its effective communication and quick turnaround. According to Asbestos, choosing White Shark Media as a marketing partner is one of the best decisions that any serious entrepreneur or business owner can ever make.


  1. Medical Service


This firm enjoys working with White Shark Media because of reliable communication it receives. This client praises Robert for his deep-rooted mastery of AdWords campaign and ability to reply to emails in a quick and professional manner.


There is a stereotype that goes round regarding people of Jewish origin and the fact that they are not good in basketball. Well, this is a stereotype that one Yanni Hufnagel has managed to beat despite all odds being stacked against him. Yanni was a college lacrosse team member; he was dropped from the team before he could get a chance to play professionally. To make matters even worse, there is the fact that he comes from Scarsdale. However, the young man has somehow managed to rise to the position of assistant coach at Harvard, a position that could be the stepping stone for him to achieve bigger and better things.

Yanni has become quite the sensation in the world of basketball, especially after the four seasons that the team has won the Ivy League tournament. What is rare about Yanni is the fact that it is close to impossible to find a Jewish player making it to the NBA. In their ranks, 30 division one coaches are part of their ranks. There is a sports survey that had been carried out by CBS in 2011 which showed that Yanni was the people’s favorite to make it huge in the world of coaching basketball. He is made even greater by the fact that he is an excellent recruiter. There was a time that Pastner admitted that Yanni will make a better coach in the long run because he is excellent at recruitment.

The one thing that guided him towards the path of being a great assistant was the skill with which he analyses the game. This made even people who have been in it longer than himself declare that he had a special level of talent. There are many other experiences that he has had and which have led him to the current position and he is going even further.


YouTube star Wengie accepted the Draw My Life challenge, which has people draw out their lives on whiteboards and then sharing the video with their viewers. The video is here:


Wengie was born on January 9th, 1986 in Guangzhou, China. As a baby, she would not take food and would suck on rice for hours just to absorb the flavor but never actually swallow the rice. However, Wengie did like ice cream and would get her grandfather to buy her some every time she visited him.


Wengie’s parent’s moved to Australia when she was very young, so she was raised by her nanny and grandparents until the age of four. At this time, Wengie’s grandparents took her to Australia to live with her parents. Moving to Australia and trying to get settled there meant that Wengie did not grow up with a lot of money, but she made a lot of her toys and crafted costumes out of paper from her favorite anime shows, Ninja Turtles and Voltron.


When Wengie turned seven, her parent’s got better jobs and they moved from Melbourne to Sydney. Making friends was hard for Wengie at first, because she was very shy and introverted. Her father took her out to try and help her make friends at a young age. However, in high school Wengie made an effort to make as many friends as possible. She would create websites to showcase her drawings and download music.


Wengie got a scholarship for an accounting school, even though her dreams were to become a fashion designer. She new the job would help her family and the scholarship would help pay for school. She went to college full time, worked full time and made friends on the game DOTA since she had limited free time.


She went on to work for an accounting firm straight out of college, but her heart wasn’t in it, so she quit her job and became a social media consultant which allowed her to be more creative. This was the springboard for her starting her blog and eventually her YouTube channel and becoming a YouTube star.


One of the largest global investment management firms, Highland Capital Management is also recognized for its philanthropic endeavors.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas the company, which has about $18 billion of assets under management, specializes in credit strategies, distressed and special private equity situations. Among its alternative investments are emerging markets and long and short equities.


James Dondero and Mark Okada co-founded the firm in 1993. Highland Capital is known for investing in more than financial markets as it also invests in local community organizations and through volunteerism and financial contributions to non-profit organizations. The firm focuses on areas that include education, veterans programs and health care.


For example, Highland Capital awarded a $1 million challenge grant to help The Family Place, which works to do away with family violence through advocacy and support for victims and their families. The grant will match 50 percent of any funds raised for the campaign up to $1 million.


Through partnering and donations the firm’s contributions take in a Scholar’s Program to Southern Methodist University; Education is Freedom, which provides financial assistance for endangered youth who are planning to attend college and the Perot Museum of Natural Science which helps children grasp science, math and technology better.


Highland Capital Management also supports the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum and the American Heart Association.


According to Dondero, as the company continued to expand its philanthropic activities there was a need for someone to provide a strategic path for its program.


In response Dallas civic leader Linda Owen teamed up with Highland Capital to help guide its philanthropic efforts.


As the company’s charitable giving manager, Owen will work in collaboration with The Dallas Foundation, which manages Highland’s charitable giving fund.


Owen’s past involvement in philanthropy included work with the Crystal Charity Ball and The Family Place.


Aside from its humanitarian work, Highland Capital was named as One of the Best Places to Work by the Dallas Business Journal.


And Okada, co-founder and chief investment officer at Highland Capital recently rang the closing bell at the Nasdaq Market site to commemorate the listing of The Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF.



Eric Pulier is one of the more well known faces in Silicon Valley, but that doesn’t mean that he is a house hold name throughout the world just yet. Pulier made his name through the world of venture capitalism, philanthropy, and so much more. Today we are going to highlight a few facets of Pulier’s wide and varied rise through a business that is dominated by typically so few.


To really get an appreciation for what Pulier has accomplished in the business world we would have to go back to a time where he wasn’t a part of that world. Pulier went to Harvard in his university years where he studied journalism and focused intently on making a name for himself with his writing. Pulier wrote for the Harvard Crimson where his wit would constantly be leaking through the pages. Pulier would end up graduating from Harvard with a Bachelor of Arts in both English and American Literature — Magna Cum Laude. Since graduation it has been Pulier’s focus to improve the lives of those around him and we can pretty safely say that he’s accomplished that task.


Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles and thus into the rapidly growing tech world. Since his turn to the business Pulier has been a co-founder or sole founder of 15 different companies. Along the way Pulier has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for companies that he has worked with, firmly establishing himself for his good ideas, business acumen , and his ability to bridge the gap between the two in a cold-cut business world. Some of his most notable companies include digital Digital Evolution, SOA Software, Desktone, and US Media Interactive LLC.


Perhaps above all of these other decorations, Pulier is most proud of his philanthropic tilt in recent years. Pulier is a board member on the XPrize Foundation. The XPrize Foundation is focused on pulling together people with great ideas and rewarding them for bringing those ideas to fruition. Pulier has also been a part of foundations that focus on improving childhood diabetes and dealing with research for the difficult disease, multiple sclerosis.