Medical professionals now believe that a very simple breath test may actually be effective when diagnosing Parkinson’s disease said Haidar Barbouti. When breath is exhaled there is a certain unique mixture of chemicals that would be found in a Parkinson’s patient. As the nerve cells in the brain malfunction due to Parkinson’s, there are certain chemical reactions that take place and these can be transferred to a person’s carbon dioxide output.

While this breath test may not be a cure for the debilitating Parkinson’s disease it may help diagnose and treat patients earlier on when it matters the most and the test can be viewed of Youtube. When treated earlier on, Parkinson’s patients can function more fully and live longer lives.

This development is significant as there currently is no official test that definitively diagnoses Parkinson’s. A breath test would be a fantastic development as it is greatly non-invasive and will not hurt the patient in any way or cause a flare up of symptoms.

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