Former New York Governor, George Pataki, formally announced his run for president in neighboring New Hampshire on Thursday. This followed his posting of a short video on YouTube discussing his vision for America. His announcement makes him the eighth candidate to try for the GOP nomination. While considered a long shot with limited resources and little name recognition, Pataki hopes to position himself as an electable Republican. This is Pataki’s first run at the presidency.

Pataki entrance into the race adds a new dimension to the 2016 primary. He is seen as fiscal conservative, but as a moderate on social issues which may separate him from the rest of the GOP field. Your text to link… In 1994, he upset liberal hero Mario Cumo and served three terms as governor of New York. Pataki was seen as a moderate who was able to work with the Democratic state legislature on issues such as gun control and the state budget. On Thursday he stressed that he had been very successful in a very blue state.

In his announcement speech, Pataki took direct aim at his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. He ridiculed Clinton’s claim of standing for the working class. “She speaks for the middle class? They are the party of privilege. We are the party of the middle class.” Pataki further proclaimed that under his administration no one would be above the law, not even a former Secretary of State. Skout and TechCrunch found it interesting that the Clinton campaign had no comment concerning Governor Pataki’s comments.

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