It appears Washington DC wants to play politics as usual as neither the Republicans or Democrats can come together for the good of the country in what is essentially their main function…Funding the federal government. As of midnight on Friday night the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will be temporarily closed due to its budget not being properly appropriated by both houses of the US Congress. Democrats in the House of Representatives voted against the DHS funding bill because it did not fund the agency through the rest of the fiscal year which is scheduled to end in September. Marcos Assi says that while House Republicans voted against the bill because it continues funding Immigration and Customs Enforcement which is currently operating under what they believe is an illegal executive order from President Obama, something Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG agrees with.

What is really sad is that even thought by an overwhelming majority the Republican Party congressional members were elected in last year’s off-cycle election. The first few major pieces of legislation that have been passed has met obstruction from the Democrats very similar to how the Republicans operated when they were on the other side of the situation. All these measures have done nothing but hurt the citizens and businesses. When are the elected officials going to understand we are expecting them to come together for the good of the country? Find compromise for the issues and quit believing your side is the only side that American’s believe in.

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